Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Deathbed Tale : Part I

Here I am, on the floor, lying ;
Shivers in fear, while I'm dying ;
Searching for some air, gasping ;
Hey baby ,it's gonna be the last time I'm crying.

This is a story to be told ;
Although it's hard, I need to be bold ;
Hug me baby, cause I'm cold ;
You're still pretty, though you're getting old.

Remember those time, when were together ? ;
When we're going through all those bad weather ? ;
Will you mend all those memories together, dear ? ;
As a gift for you, when I'm gone, forever.

Don't weep, my beloved girl ;
Cause it made my heartbeats swirl ;
Do bear in your mind, that you're my only girl ;
Though you'll never see me again, in this tiny world.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Solat : A Choice Or A Priority ?

Salam and hye guys ! So,the topics seems cliche right ? Everybody would think that I may be a pious or some religious guy to talk about this.Nope ! I wrote this just because I have a duty to reminds all of us about this important thing that we should do as a Muslim.

Well,some of us may think solat is a choice.If they feel like they would want to do it,so they'll do it.Some of them would do it only when their mom starts nagging,and then they'll do it.If their mom nags once,so they would do it only once.Some of us would solat just to attract peoples attention,so that everyone would give them a good perception.Some would also do it only when their boyfriend/girlfriend asked them to.So that they would be looked up as a 'good' future husband bla bla bla,THE END.Most people does that in our environment,am I right ?

We should take solat as a serious matter in our life.Allah SWT have given us the capability to work,play and even breathe.A simple steps in solat is enough as a token of appreciation to Allah SWT for the sustenance that He had given to us.Some of the readers would think,"Does the writer of this entry were too good to talk about this ? Does he have enough knowledge about Islam to preach something like this to me ? Pfft !".Yeah,I know that I'm not that good.Sometimes,I also missed the solat.Mostly Subuh and Isya'.Usually,I overslept.Haih ! Astaghfirullahalazim.But I still,no,we still have the duty to qada the solat that we have missed.We shouldn't think does Allah accept our qada.It's His will to accept it.It's our duty to do what we should have do.Sometimes,we felt that we were forced to perform the solat eventhough we're too tired.I think it's better to perform it in a forced way rather than we abandoned the duty as a khalifah on the Earth.It's my opinion,some may have different views.

That's all for this entry.Should have slept right now.Got a class on 9am or 10am.Histology.Pheww ! Toodle guys !

P/S : Biochem aku D whoi ! Subject lain semua B.Aduhai ! Malangnya ! =.=